Frequently Asked Questions About the 2017 Ben Hogan Iron Models

1. Why did you add traditional numbers to your irons?
After extensive research and thorough conversations with Ben Hogan customers and players, it was clear that adding traditional numbers to our irons would make them more 'user friendly'. While many serious golfers like and understand the loft-only concept, there were others that found it to be confusing and cumbersome. By simply adding the traditional numbers to the hosel / heel, and keeping the lofts on the sole, we are able to satisfy both preferences.
2. Isn't this a fundamental departure from the PreciseLoft System?
Absolutely not! We remain committed to the PreciseLoft System and know that consistent, 4-4-degree loft gapping provides golfers with the consistent yardage differences between irons and wedges on the course. Strengthened lofts in the long end of the set (as is the industry norm now), greatly reduces yardage changes in long and mid-irons, and creates huge distance gaps with scoring clubs.

3. Were there any other significant changes made to FT. WORTH irons and the PTx irons?
No, fundamentally they are the same. They are manufactured using exactly the same materials, are built to our exacting specifications, and provide the same great performance and feel only a forged iron can deliver.

4. What about the FT. WORTH hi irons?
Yes, the traditional iron designations will be added to FT. WORTH hi irons as follows:
20 - 23 lofts: 4 iron
24 - 27 lofts: 5 iron
28 - 31 lofts: 6 iron

5. What about TK wedges?
No, we will not add a numerical designation nor wedge description (e.g. Pitching, Gap, Lob, Sand, etc.) to the TK Wedge line. Wedges are highly personal and are used for a variety of different shots on the course. Lofts only will be imprinted on all TK wedges.

6. Why the 'P' designation on FT. WORTH and PTx irons? What happened to Equalizer?
Quite simply, the Equalizer name is not owned by the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company any longer. We understand the importance and historical value of Equalizer, and may be able to bring it back to the Ben Hogan brand portfolio at some point in the future. Stay tuned!

7. Can I send my 2015 and/or 2016 FT. WORTH and PTx irons back to you to have the traditional numbers added?
Unfortunately, no. Engraving the numbers on the hosel is a highly specialized technique that we are not able to do in-house.

8. Will traditional numbers be incorporated into all future iron models?
In all likelihood, yes. That said, we remain committed to the PreciseLoft System. Logical, 4-degree loft gapping provides serious golfers with the consistent yardage differences on the course. We'll continue to provide both loft and traditional number designations.