Are you a Ben Hogan Professional?

When Mr. Hogan started the Ben Hogan Company in 1953, he wrote this letter to golf professionals around the country. As you can see, he strongly believed that his clubs should be sold where golf was taught, practiced, and played.
The new Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company continues that believe and commitment to aligning ourselves with only those golf professionals and select retailers who see golf equipment primarily as a way to genuinely help golfers play better, and only then as a business attribute.

We have and will continue to challenge the industry's trend of pursuing distance with any trick imaginable, too often leaving the principles of shotmaking and ball control "on the cutting room floor". We can assure you that every Ben Hogan wedge, iron, and hybrid is designed from scratch to optimize precision and deliver real performance. To be responsive to each player's skills and still be forgiving of their misses. And to deliver real and lasting value.

And to deliver real and lasting value.

We ask you to join us in bringing precision back to the game of golf and to the golfers you interact with on a daily basis.